Friday, January 19, 2018

My day at Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour 2018 in Munich

My trip to Munich started in Nuremberg. Instead of driving I decided to go by train which was a very bad idea since the train trip to Munich took more than 2hrs instead of the planned 1:12hrs. Anyway, when I arrived in Munich I continued the trip by subway to the event's location. After a few minutes walk from the subway station Schwanthalerhöhe I finally arrived at the Alte Kongresshalle at 10:15 a.m. missing the keynote. Well, things could only get better. And they did...

I went into the room where Scott Guthrie was talking about "Azure, the trusted cloud". The picture below shows Scott G. on the stage during a speech.

The room was crowded! There were a lot of people looking for the experience of Microsoft experts and for networking. I was at the right place :) Scott and other Microsoft experts gave us a walk through the main Azure services with a lot of live demos.

Learning about Azure is always a pleasure for me. There are always new things to learn! The speakers treated Azure topics such as

• Web apps (Swap)
• Cognitive Services (Face API)
• Machine Learning
• Database (Cosmos)
• Container (Docker)
• Devops (Integration)
• Serverless (Function)
• Stack
• Xamarin

and much more.

The combination of the Azure possibilities and Scott's experience was amazing. Scott's friendly kind of explanation and the live demos made it much easier for us to understand the different Azure services.

The event was over and I started my return to my home base. Because of gale force winds I had again troubles with the train (no more comments about that...). During the trip I reflected about the intensive day. I believe that cloud business is a future-proof source of income for Microsoft which will continue to increase. Spending time learning about Azure capabilities is in my opinion investing on the future.

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