Thursday, March 25, 2021

Speaking at HIRSCHTEC webinar about onboarding process in times of social distancing - Recap

Last week I held another webinar about onboarding experience in times of social distancing. The more I reflect on this topic, the more I want to discuss with others about it. The ongoing pandemic has forced us to change our ways of working. Working from home is no longer an option, but for many the only way to go. This also impact onboarding processes where the onboarding experience happens in a hybrid or completely remotely.

From my point of view, one of the biggest challenges currently is to ensure good communication between the organization and new employees. At the end of the day, it is not only about getting new talents up to speed, but making them feel welcome and proud of working in the organization. Microsoft 365 has good tools that can help HR departments and team leaders to create a structured and consistent onboarding process where the manager, IT and HR departments, the mentor and finally the new talent can participate and collaborate.

In my last webinar, I talked to attendees of the HIRSCHTEC webinar about the different roles in the onboarding process as well as presented them an innovative way for employee onboarding using Microsoft Teams. I also showcased how this process can be automated and simplified using a third-party solution. While getting the webinar ready, I worked closely to Anna Luft and Malte Zimmermann. Thanks Anna and Malte for the coordination and special thanks to Malte for being my co-speaker in that webinar.