Monday, January 22, 2018

SharePoint Saturday Bremen 2018 - Recap

My company, Solutions2Share, was sponsoring the event, so I didn't depend on train since I drove with my colleagues on Friday to Bremen. It was a nice and long trip which took more than 6 hrs. from Nuremberg to Bremen.

Saturday started early. We got to Schuppen 1, the event location, at 7:30 a.m. to set up our exhibition stand. I didn't know that Schuppen 1 was a vintage car gallery :) It means that the SharePoint Saturday Bremen was held in a gallery. Fascinating… I've never experienced this in a SPS before.

Although the event was free, the attendees benefited from a very good organization. Thanks to all sponsors which made it possible. This is how the location looked:

The keynote started at 9 a.m. and was very inspiring. Mike Fitzmaurice taught us the Swedish word Lagom which means something like enough. The context was: Use things that are already there, instead of building your own solutions. Immediately instead of perfection!!!

After the keynote, I attended three other sessions. Below you find a short summary of my notes during the sessions:

• Toni Pohl - Dive into the power of the Microsoft Graph:
- Getting started with MS Graph:
- Use batch to combine multiple requests in one call
- Project Rome:
- SDK samples:

• Vesa Juvonen - Latest on SharePoint Development from Product Group - Patterns, Models, Roadmap:  
- MSDN will be replaced
- All PnP content is under MIT license. Just use it!!!
- Groupify API
- SharePoint Online roadmap
- SharePoint 2019 has expected release in 2018
- Live demo using Azure Functions and Flow

• Martina Grom - Implement best practices with Office 365 groups:
- Security group
- Naming convention
- Expiration policy
- Groupify Yammer
- Advantages of Azure AD Premium 1
- Live demo using Powershell

I spent the rest of the day with networking and helping my company in sales. We had nice conversations with partners and potential customers. In my opinion, the event was well done and the community feeling was present. Unfortunately, I couldn't join the Sharepint organized by Rencore since I had an appointment later that day. Thanks again to all sponsors and event organizers who made this event a success.

Friday, January 19, 2018

My day at Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour 2018 in Munich

My trip to Munich started in Nuremberg. Instead of driving I decided to go by train which was a very bad idea since the train trip to Munich took more than 2hrs instead of the planned 1:12hrs. Anyway, when I arrived in Munich I continued the trip by subway to the event's location. After a few minutes walk from the subway station Schwanthalerhöhe I finally arrived at the Alte Kongresshalle at 10:15 a.m. missing the keynote. Well, things could only get better. And they did...

I went into the room where Scott Guthrie was talking about "Azure, the trusted cloud". The picture below shows Scott G. on the stage during a speech.

The room was crowded! There were a lot of people looking for the experience of Microsoft experts and for networking. I was at the right place :) Scott and other Microsoft experts gave us a walk through the main Azure services with a lot of live demos.

Learning about Azure is always a pleasure for me. There are always new things to learn! The speakers treated Azure topics such as

• Web apps (Swap)
• Cognitive Services (Face API)
• Machine Learning
• Database (Cosmos)
• Container (Docker)
• Devops (Integration)
• Serverless (Function)
• Stack
• Xamarin

and much more.

The combination of the Azure possibilities and Scott's experience was amazing. Scott's friendly kind of explanation and the live demos made it much easier for us to understand the different Azure services.

The event was over and I started my return to my home base. Because of gale force winds I had again troubles with the train (no more comments about that...). During the trip I reflected about the intensive day. I believe that cloud business is a future-proof source of income for Microsoft which will continue to increase. Spending time learning about Azure capabilities is in my opinion investing on the future.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Attending the SharePoint Saturday in Bremen - 2018

I'm looking forward to attending the SharePoint Saturday in Bremen on January 20th 2018.

The event's agenda looks very inviting. For instance, Vesa Juvonen (MSFT), Senior Program Manager and PnP (Patterns and Practices) core team, will be talking about Roadmap, Models and Patterns for SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises development. In my opinion another important topic is: Myth-busting GDPR in Office 365 where Nicki Borell (MVP), Managing Consultant and Evangelist, will be clarifying questions around the topic GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Office 365. Of course, there are many other very interesting sessions which you can't miss anyway, if you will attend to this event.

Let us get in touch, if you're also going to participate in the event!!!

Event information: 

Home page
Schedule -


Attending the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour in Munich

Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour Germany 2018
I'm looking forward to attending the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour which will be in Munich on January 18th 2018.

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President - Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, will be in Germany (Berlin and Munich) for a code-first event around the topic Azure. This event focuses on teaching us skills to develop, deploy and manage cloud applications through robust demos.

The event is a great opportunity to connect and learn from cloud experts from Microsoft and the community. Let us get in touch, if you're also going to participate in the event!!!

Event information: