Monday, September 16, 2019

Attending the SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 2019

I'm looking forward to attending the SharePoint Saturday in Helsinki on September 28, 2019.

Helsinki is the home base of my new company: Valo. It is a pleasure to again be visiting this wonderful city that has so many nice things to offer including a SharePoint Saturday 😉 I also want to use this opportunity to spend some time with my colleagues and the great Office 365 community.

There are many other reasons for me to attend this event. The venue for instance: Meeting Park Forum is very centrally located. You can easily get there by train since it is very close to the main train station. Another reason are the speakers and their topics. I think that's something you should see for yourself. There are so many good people speaking that I can't list them all here. It would be too much work for me 😊 So, here is the link to the speakers.

I have been practicing a little bit of Finnish. So, if you are going to participate in the event and you speak Finnish, then I may have the opportunity to say to you Olen ilo tavata sinut. If you can't speak Finnish anyway, it is not a problem. Don't be afraid 😊 We can get in touch nevertheless!

Event information: 

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Starting at Valo

The first of October 2019 represents a landmark in my career since this is the day when I will start working at Valo! I love it!!!

Image by Jarbas Horst

Thanks Solutions2Share:

I spent three great, educational and enjoyable years working at Solutions2Share as a Senior Office 365 Developer. I made friends there and learned a lot about Office 365, Azure and the challenges of creating professional software products for Office 365. But now it is time for me to face the next challenge. Therefore I am really happy and proud to start at Valo as a Senior Software Architect, focusing my work primarily on the improvement of Valo Teamwork.

My reasons for Valo:

If you look at Valo, you will agree with me that they have the best and fanciest solution for intranet in Office 365 and SharePoint On-premises as well. They also have a powerful solution which provisions Office 365 groups, teams, modern sites without group and so on. If you have a look at the Valo team, you will be impressed 😊 Let me try to summarize that: one Microsoft Regional Director, seven MVPs and a lot of other brilliant professionals who are active community contributors and love their jobs. As if that were not enough, Valo is a global player with their solutions being translated into more than 25 languages and being used all around the world. All around the world also describes the daily work at Valo since here we have colleagues located everywhere. Valo is award winner, Microsoft Gold partner in different modalities and sponsor of the biggest Office 365 events worldwide. In any event, Valo is a great company that employs brilliant professionals and creates well-loved solutions. I had to become a part of it!

Final words:

It is a big pleasure for me to become part of this very talented team. I'll do all my best to help Valo keep delivering highly qualitative solutions that have customers falling in love with their intranets and with Office 365 as well.

Image by Jarbas Horst