Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dotnet Day Franken 2018 - Recap

When the .net day flag is up, local geeks know that the .net community is ready for another amazing meetup.

The .net day Franken was held in a five star hotel in Nuremberg. Five stars also represent the quality and the atmosphere of this event. It's difficult to find the right words to explain how relaxed, informative and entertaining this event is. It's just an event you can't afford to miss! The picture below shows the Le MĂ©ridien Grand hotel and the event's flags on the hotel's entrance.

At 9 a.m. Andreas Draheim started the keynote explaining to us the opportunities and risks of blockchain. The answer to the question if blockchain is clear to us, surprised me since the majority of the attendees weren't able to explain what blockchain actually is. In fact, I didn't know a lot about this topic in detail. Attending the keynote was definitely worth it!

After the keynote, I attended five other sessions. Below you will find a short summary of my notes during the keynote and three sessions:

• Andreas Draheim - Blockchain - opportunities and risks of a new technology
- Decentralized
- Blockchain never forgets anything
- No standards and regulations
- Energy intensive
- Different types of blockchain (public, private, open, consortia and permissioned)

• Thorsten Hans - Microservices at scale
- YAML is a superset of JSON
- Kubernetes is used for managing containerized applications
- Azure Container Registry is similar to private Docker Hub Registry
- Azure Container Instances: Containers as a service; Possibility of using Windows images
- Docker repositories:

• Constantin Klein - Data + Cloud: The modular system for modern software
- Power BI: Connect data from different sources and generate nice reports
- SQL Server 2017 offers graph database
- Microsoft Cognitive Services offers custom vision service:
- Microsoft Bot Framework: Chat instead of app

• Sebastian Achatz - Serverless Dream Team - Azure Functions and Logic Apps
- Azure Functions: Serverless; Supports different program languages. Check out this blog post for more information about Azure Functions
- Logic Apps: Defines workflows in a designer; No coding needed. Check out this blog post for more information about Logic Apps
- Possibility of creating custom connectors for Logic Apps
- Integrated interface which shows the workflow history

During the sessions attendees had a good time and between sessions the opportunity for networking. I enjoyed getting in touch with former colleagues and people from the .net community. The .net day Franken always ends with a very animated sponsored raffle and a send-off session. Fortunately, I was able to win a Microsoft T-shirt this year J Attending many IT events means having to buy fewer clothes J

Next year the .net day Franken will be celebrating 10 years. Girls and boys, this is going to be a fantastic event. Can't wait to see what is coming!

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