Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Quick Tip: Getting [HTTP]:500 when approving permissions in the API Management page

This blog post covers an issue that I've followed on Github. Basically, a SharePoint user faced this error message [HTTP]:500 - [CorrelationId]:4e7c8a66-9bbe-4c66-95f1-bc4afd1a51ed [Version]: while trying to approve permissions in the API Management page which is located in the SharePoint Admin Center.

Background information: The API Management page allows administrators to manage (approve, reject and remove) permissions requested/granted at tenant-level.

BUT, what kind of administrators are we talking about? Can a SharePoint administrator manage those requested permissions? Or are only Global administrators allowed to do that?

In that issue, the permission level (SharePoint administrator) of the logged in user was causing the problem. Although SharePoint administrators have access to the API Management page, they can't approve, reject or remove those requested/granted permissions. You must be a Global Administrator if you want to manage API permissions at tenant-level. From my point of view, that makes a lot of sense, since you are dealing here with permissions to access resources that goes beyond SharePoint. Nevertheless, the [HTTP]:500 error message (just to remember, HTTP 500 stands for internal server error) confuses people and should be replaced with an user friendly feedback message or a SharePoint administrator should not be able to access the API Management page.

Depending on the operation you are trying to execute, you will face a different error message. I've listed below the possible error messages for the different cases:

• Approve a requested permission as a SharePoint administrator[HTTP]:500 - [CorrelationId]:53ee2d9f-a0f9-2000-078d-b1ec5183945b [Version]:
• Reject a requested permission as a SharePoint administrator[HTTP]:403 - [CorrelationId]:5cee2d9f-801d-2000-6cd2-3db457dd64f0 [Version]: - Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource
• Remove a granted permission as a SharePoint administratorInsufficient privileges to complete the operation

As you can see, the operations "reject" and "remove" already output a more informative error message. That could also be enhanced with "You must be a Global Administrator if you want to manage API permissions at tenant-level". The operation "approve" outputs an internal server error message which makes no sense in this case. The very good part of this history is that this issue has already reached Microsoft since Vesa Juvonen (Principal Program Manager from SharePoint Engineering) has helped solving this problem. I believe that Microsoft will provide a better and consistent error message experience across all the operations that can be executed from the API Management page. Thanks Vesa for being so fast with the support!

Link to the issue on Github.

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