Sunday, June 21, 2020

Extra! Extra! Name property no longer supported by Graph Tabs API

It is difficult to create reliable solutions for Microsoft 365 if changes are applied suddenly to Graph APIs without Microsoft informing customers beforehand or if information is not available in the Microsoft documentation. I am not talking about beta APIs. Although, there are Graph APIs that have been in beta for years (e.g.: POST beta/teams) and could be considered in some cases production APIs. I am talking about v1.0/production APIs 🙁

Last Monday, June 15th, a colleague from the testing team reported that parts of a solution stopped working properly:

Reason: After a debugging session, I observed that the Graph API to retrieve properties of a specific tab, stopped returning the name property which was a property used in different parts of my solution.

Fix: Fixing this bug wasn't challenging since the same value stored in the name property was also available in the displayName property. Basically, the solution was to replaced the name property with the displayName property.

Problem: After some research, I figured out that the name property was deprecated since 2018. Unfortunately, this information was removed from the Microsoft Graph tab documentation already in 2018. Moreover, at least until end of 2019, the Graph documentation about retrieving tab properties included the name property as part of the response example. According to the Graph tab documentation, this is what the tab request and response used to be:
  "id": "tabId",
  "name": "My Contoso Tab",
  "teamsAppId": "06805b9e-77e3-4b93-ac81-525eb87513b8",
  "configuration": {
    "entityId": "2DCA2E6C7A10415CAF6B8AB6661B3154",
    "contentUrl": "",
    "websiteUrl": "",
"removeUrl": ""
}, "webUrl": ""
I mean, there was no indication that the name property wasn't secure to use!!!

I have already seen one discussion on GitHub about this change! Basically, there are people trying to understand and fix this issue. I hope this blog post brings some clarity to this problem and helps you fixing this bug.

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