Monday, October 26, 2020

Microsoft Graph API to create a team is now in GA and supports a new permission level

The Microsoft Graph API to create a team directly without first creating a group has been in GA since September 2020 🥳 If you have been using POST to create a Microsoft Teams team, I'd highly recommend you to use POST

The beta/teams API was for a long time the only option to create a team without first having to create a group and then creating a team from the group. In many cases, there is no way around a beta API, but if production APIs are available you should consider replacing it immediately. You must be aware that all APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Basically, Microsoft can apply changes to /beta APIs that might break your solution.

The example below shows a minimal request to create a team. However, the request can also contain channels, tabs, settings, apps etc.

   "displayName":"My Sample Team",
   "description":"My Sample Team’s Description"

Moreover, since October 2020 the POST /teams API supports a new permission level that allows an application to create teams on behalf of a signed-in user and without a signed-in user.
  • Team.Create (delegated permission)
  • Team.Create (application permission)

Previously, an application must use Group.ReadWrite.All to create a Microsoft Teams team. However, this permission level is very comprehensive and should be avoided whenever possible since it allows the application to create groups/teams, read all group/team properties and memberships, update group/team properties and memberships as well as delete groups/teams. Additionally, it can also be used to read and write group calendar and conversations.

Check out the links below for more information about the POST /teams API:

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