Monday, February 8, 2021

Webinar: H2H approach to leadership and employee experience

In times of social disconnection, it becomes apparent how important leadership skills are for the wellbeing and a successful employee experience. Daniel Anderson and Henna Ojala will be addressing this topic in an expert talk about human-to-human approach to leadership and employee experience. I have been working on the organization of this webinar with the Valo Marketing team and I am so glad about it. From defining the marketing strategy, to selecting the speakers and helping with the webinar’s content, working closely with Johanna Riva (Events and Marketing Specialist at Valo) in this project has been an amazing experience! I am also proud of having Daniel Anderson (awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional recently) and Henna Ojala (a passionate Customer and Employee Experience Leader and Advisor) as speakers. They put together a webinar content that you just can’t miss out.

Microsoft announced a few days ago Microsoft Viva as a new Employee Experience Platform. Even before knowing about Microsoft Viva, we already noticed the importance of a good employee experience as a success factor for the challenges we have been facing nowadays and decided to create this free webinar with useful content for HR departments and team leaders in general.

Thanks Johanna Riva, Daniel Anderson and Henna Ojala for the awesome work you have done so far! I am looking forward to attending the webinar tomorrow and learning from your experience.

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